Tylo Steam Room Generator


The compact and efficient Tylo steam generator for home use has a number of convenient functions, including a standby mode, an aromatherapy feature and improved protection against interruptions.

Our steam outlet Essential is included when buying a Steam Home generator. Essential allows gentle steam to fill your steam room with a very low noise level.

  • Variable steam production provides continuous humidity with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Automatic flush function to keep tank clean and ensure trouble free operation.
  • Variable kW output so the home generator will always suit your space.


Power (kW) Steam production (kg/h)  Size in mm (LxWxH) Suitable control panel Suitable steam outlet Colour
3  3.5 480x350x159  Elite or Pure  Comfort Flo White
6 8 480x350x159 Elite or Pure Comfort Flo White
9 12 480x350x159 Elite or Pure Comfort Flo White


Power (kW) Light wall made of glass, plastic material Heavy wall made of tiles, concrete, stone etc.
  With ventilation Without ventilation With ventilation Without ventilation
 3 max. 3 max. 2
 6  3—8  4—15  2—5  2.5—8
9 6—16 13—24 4—10 7—16

Control Options:

There are two control options available to use with the Tylo Home Steam Generator to suit all preferences.

Elite Cloud Control

The Elite Cloud Touch control has worldwide mobile functionality - making your smart-phone a second control for your Helo Steam room. The control displays the temperature and run time. The calendar function can be programmed to start any day or time and run from 15 minutes to 24 hours. It allows you to regulate all existing features in your steam room such as lighting, temperature settings and different languages, with even more advanced functions. 

The Elite Cloud can be mounted inside or outside the steam room for ease of use. 


  • Sleek touch screen delivers real-time status on every aspect of your steam bath.
  • Elite displays the temperature and running time and can be programmed to start up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Set your own personal programme to suit your schedule.
  • Regulate all steam room features - lighting, temperature settings, essence injection and more.
  • Plated trims are optionally available for surface mounting in six finishes - Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black and Brushed Bronze.
  • Optional mounting kit with plain black trim available for recess mounting.
    Mount inside or outside the steam room.
  • SaunaLogic app allows you to control your steam room from anywhere in the world using Android or Iphone. Includes OTA (Over the Air) technology for automatic software updates to mobile devices.
    Connection to home system by WiFi only.


For ease of use and convenience, we have developed the SaunaLogic app which provides functionality for smart phones and tablets. Take control of your steam bath experience from the palm of your hand. Configure and set it to your individual desires for optimal performance.

Relax even before you go into your steam bath. With our mobile version of the SaunaLogic app, you can control your home spa from anywhere there is WiFi or Phone connectivity (3G/4G) on your Apple or Android devices. Also available as a PC app. The apps are free of charge with the purchase of Elite.


 Pure Control 


The Pure control panel offers a simple and convenient solution for complete control of your steam bath. The panel blends discretely and elegantly into the space with its clean lines and refined design. The easy-to-read display provides a full overview of power-on time, temperature and lighting.

Program your steam bath for up to one hour of use or use the delayed start function allowing you to turn the generator on with a delay of 1-10 hours. The Pure control also includes a digital display of actual room temperature.





ComfortFlo™ Steam Outlet Head

The ComfortFlo™ steam head is designed for optimal steam dispersion providing more even heat throughout the steam room and reducing the time required to reach the desired room temperature. It ensures that each steam bath is perfect and invigorating. 

Steam is delivered into the room emitting a soft "pink" noise, which is a component inducing a higher state of relaxation and better sleep. The ComfortFlo™ steam head features a fragrance resevoir allowing the bather to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy using their favourite fragrance.




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