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Thousands of commercial sauna & steam room operators around the world rely on Helo products and services. If you've used a steam room or sauna cabin in a hotel, fitness club or spa, in the UK or abroad, there is a good chance the equipment you enjoyed was originally manufactured in one of our factories in Sweden, Finland, Germany or the US.

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enjoy your own home spa – it’s easy with Helo steam!
The joys of steam bathing have been known and appreciated for centuries. Romans understood the rewards of a rich moist steam cleanse, both for hygiene and the feel of soft, silky smooth skin afterwards. Finns too have taken advantage of the purifying qualities of steam over the years, treasuring a daily bath to unwind tight muscles, stimulate blood flow, and re-emerge whole once more.
Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of steam at home by adding steam to a small shower enclosure, by creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam room where friends and family can relax and socialise together.