Choosing The Right Sauna Cabin

Infrared Sauna is the perfect alternative to traditional sauna. Helo is proud to offer the World's first low EMR and low EF infrared cabin available in 6 sizes. DIY assembly and plug-in, these saunas can be dismantled and moved in about an hour.Helo’s comprehensive range of sauna cabins embraces all the styles and environments you could wish for. From easy to assemble DIY cabins that clip together and plug-in, through to designer and bespoke rooms, manufactured and installed to your design!


Finnish Traditional Sauna

Helo traditional Finnish sauna cabins, 53 sizes in stock, delivered and installed by Helo

Outdoor Sauna

The ultimate Finnish sauna in the garden, from a compact Barrel to a spacious Kelo sauna house.



Bespoke Design & Build Service

If you're looking for something really special our project team is here to help.

Sauna Accessories

Helo is the world's largest sauna and steam bath business. We develop, manufacture and market sauna and steam products worldwide - we have the most comprehensive inventory of sauna and steam accessories avalaible today.

Commercial Suana Solutions

Thousands of commercial sauna & steam room operators around the world rely on Helo products and services. If you've used a steam room or sauna cabin in a hotel, fitness club or spa, in the UK or abroad, there is a good chance the equipment you enjoyed was originally manufactured in one of our factories in Sweden, Finland, Germany or the US.

Sauna Shop

For all your sauna cabins, accessories and sauna spares