Mika Sauna

Mika Sauna

Price: £16,496.00
Stock Number: MikaSauna
Category: Outdoor Sauna


A sauna suite in the garden! Two spacious rooms - sauna and lounge – let you create your own sauna cottage just like the Finns’ country retreat, with room for a shower, exerciser and loungers. Built to last a lifetime in 60mm Spruce log, the clever design has the entrance in the end wall, allowing the cabin to fi t neatly even in more restricted spaces. whilst its cottage-style window and door still presents an attractive and inviting fascia. Helo’s famous SOFTHOT heater is included for sauna with plenty of steam. Or you can follow tradition and fi t one of Helo’s wood burning heaters to enjoy "the real thing!"


  • Solid Spruce log construction: 44mm.
  • Pitched timber roof, topped with Helo’s felt kit or other fi nishes by quotation.
  • Red Alder interior furniture.
  • Insulated wood doors to exterior.
  • 6kw ORIGINAL sauna heater.
  • Full set of sauna accessories.