Add an extra dimension to your steam experience!


.....with a Helo aroma system. This automatic dosing system pumps a small amount of our rich essence into the steam line creating a heavenly aroma to invigorate or relax according to your choice of essence. The system is easy to install and is powered by the steam generator.

Helo essence is made from a blend of natural essential oils. Just like expensive perfume, each essence is created with a top note, heart note and base note, so unlike synthetic mono-fragrances, Helo aromas develop slowly, change constantly, a fill the room and last. A small 3 litre bottle will be enough for approx 100 steam baths.

Helo essence is available in 70 different perfumes such as Summer Rose, Mountain Pine, Ice Mint, or even Baked Apple – for a full list, or more advice, please contact Helo on 01342-300555


Aroma Systems & Essences

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70408000 Aroma essences for steam outlet – 4 x 100ml assorted fragrances Buy Now
Posted: 24.05.2016
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